Randy Wayne White

Author Randy Wayne White is about a dozen books into a series about retired Florida assassin Marion (Doc) Ford.

It’s a terrific series about a memorable character. A one-time government assassin, Ford has left his former career and set up shop as a self-employed marine biologist. He lives in a unique house on Florida’s Gulf coast, has a couple of boats, and spends a lot of his time with a lovable hippie drug addict. But each book in the series revolves around a problem that ends up requiring Doc to use his dormant skills.

If you’re new to author White, start with one of the earlier books in the series. They’re all great. But I was disappointed in the last two books about Ford; they lacked the spark that got me hooked on the Doc Ford books.

Doc Ford shares a few obvious similarities to old standby Travis McGee, the well-known white knight created by John D. MacDonald. Both characters live in Florida, hang around boats, are pretty much loners who have a single good friend. And both frequently get into trouble while helping acquaintances out of sticky situations. But Doc has interesting quirks that are all his own, and the series is well worth exploring.


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